Satsang is a Sanskrit word, Sat = Truth and Sang=Company.

In a broader sense, Satsang refers to a gathering or community of individuals who come together to engage in spiritual discussions, practices, or devotional activities. It is often led by a spiritual teacher, guru, or a knowledgeable person who imparts spiritual wisdom and guidance to the participants.

Satsang Timings

Virtual Satsang (Melbourne, Australia Time)








5.00 AM


8.30 PM



6.00 AM


Three times a week, approx. 1 hour each.

Note : A virtual Satsang is scheduled to take place on a tri-weekly basis.

Face to Face Satsang
Occurs on the third Saturday of every month.
36 Jalta Court, Keys borough, VIC 3175, Australia

Note : Please confirm by email before coming

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  1. Self will not reveal Itself till the ego-veil is fully removed.
    Find the Truth either by deep inquiry or total surrender. Ego-less-ness is true Mukti.
  2. ‘I am the body’ thought is what traps you in illusion. Let go all thoughts with alertness & vigilance
    till ego dissolves & only Self/Source remains.
  3. The purpose of the Divine revelation: You are That is not for you to use it as a Mantra.
    It’s for you to inquire & verify the truth directly for yourself.
  4. All separation is illusory. As long as you identify as ego, a separate entity,
    Self will not be realized for there are not two. There is only one Self!
  5. Surrender is not a loss, for you give up bodily limitation & sorrow
    to get the Priceless: Total freedom & Infinite Bliss!
  6. After ego is erased through inquiry or surrender, there’s no one left to claim freedom!
    Simply Abide in Self as Self.


  1. Self, the infinite Space of Consciousness is only Known when you detach from mind
    & dive deep into the Source.
  2. Attend only to awareness as awareness by piercing a hole thru the veil of Maya.
    This is the end game of all illusion, there’s no returning!
  3. Mind’s projections distorts reality. When you discard all that is non-Self & empty your mind,
    you become Buddha, the Awakened one.
  4. All names/forms are only in Maya. Drop your individuality to be out of the clutches of Maya
    & Truth will be revealed as your transparent Essence.
  5. Self is closest to you & yet feels far off & unknown when seen from illusion,
    when you look out instead of inwards at the substratum prior to it all.
  6. Let ego evaporate & totally vanish within, then your Self reveals Itself in full glory.
    Go from body to bodiless, from mortal to immortal, from turmoil to Bliss & Peace!


  1. Mind itself is Maya(illusion).When there’s no mind, as in deep sleep, there’s no world.
    Reality lies beyond thought.
  2. Let your attention be on Silence, that reduces both the number & frequency of thoughts,
    & they’ll lose their grip on you, allowing you to merge with the Self-Source.
  3.  Constant Remembrance is the Key for Self Realization. Know that Silence alone is Bliss/God/Self.
    Therefore, shun thought & just Be Still!


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