Satsang is a Sanskrit word, Sat = Truth and Sang=Company.

In a broader sense, Satsang refers to a gathering or community of individuals who come together to engage in spiritual discussions, practices, or devotional activities. It is often led by a spiritual teacher, guru, or a knowledgeable person who imparts spiritual wisdom and guidance to the participants.

Satsang Timings

Virtual Satsang (Melbourne, Australia Time)








5.00 AM


8.30 PM



6.00 AM


Three times a week, approx. 1 hour each.

Note : A virtual Satsang is scheduled to take place on a tri-weekly basis.

Face to Face Satsang
Occurs on the third Saturday of every month.
36 Jalta Court, Keys borough, VIC 3175, Australia

Note : Please confirm by email before coming

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  1. Finish the ego, don’t try to fix it. Empty yourself totally. Admit you’ve had enough of the mind projected duality & separation. Seek your eternal abode of Silence in the heart.
  2. If the pull of mind feels too strong, enquire for whom? & dive deeper into Silence till no trace of thought remains. Drown in the Ocean of pure Silence, melt & merge in IT!
  3. Know you’re unattached & ever free in your real nature. Merge in love with your Self, you need no other company. Self alone is supreme Peace.



  1. Listen to the Silence within, not the noisy mind. You have the freewill to run out with the mind or sink back into your Source in the heart.
  2. Body will turn to dust soon. Use the little time you have left to Know who you really are. Grace takes over when you totally surrender to Self.
  3. Unconditional & unlimited love flows naturally from you when you rest in Self. You are in supreme Bliss, your body moves but you remain Still & your talk is from pure Silence!



  1. In Reality, you’re never ever bound, you are always free. You are the still Source of ego-mind, you exist before, during & after thought ends.
  2. Happiness is our birthright! Fulfillment of any desire only gives fleeting joy since mind rests in the Self temporarily. Mind destroyed(Manonasa), supreme Bliss alone remains!
  3. A Sage has no locus or any form identity. His sole identity is as Being-Consciousness. He has no intention or motive & even when speaking, He is in Maunam (absolute Silence).


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