Our Circle

Our Circle

Sanjay Ji

A Word from Sanjay Ji about Conscious Circle

Once you move from personal identity to presence of choice less awareness you know the supreme truth. This is absolute truth unlike the relative truth of materialistic things. Here knower and knowing are the same, mind merges into heart and you are in harmony with the universal consciousness. A conscious circle forms around a being in Self abidance which helps others in this journey. Slowly this circle expands and spreads. Most of the expansion occurs in silence without any visible medium. Sometimes it takes the form of mediums like websites, audio-visuals, books and scriptures.

Nature provides all sorts of support to a true seeker of truth. The only essential requirement is longing or yearning to know the truth. This Conscious Circle is also one of those supports. Circle of Consciousness is infinite. It’s out of space and time domain so does not get affected by distance and time period. It’s always fresh and vibrant and instantly available. My beloved you are most welcome to be part of it. This is an open invitation to all earnest seekers of truth. It’s for a mind who now wishes to come back home. It’s for anyone who is looking for eternal happiness and bliss. It’s for someone who wants to go beyond fear. It’s for a person who wishes to taste the nectar of immortality in this life. If anything resonates somewhere deep within then begin this inward journey !  Welcome aboard.

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

Sanjay Raghav

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