Ego-less-ness is liberation

Key Pointers from this Satsang :

  1. Self will not reveal Itself till the ego-veil is fully removed.
    Find the Truth either by deep inquiry or total surrender. Ego-less-ness is true Mukti.
  2. ‘I am the body’ thought is what traps you in illusion. Let go all thoughts with alertness & vigilance
    till ego dissolves & only Self/Source remains.
  3. The purpose of the Divine revelation: You are That is not for you to use it as a Mantra.
    It’s for you to inquire & verify the truth directly for yourself.
  4. All separation is illusory. As long as you identify as ego, a separate entity,
    Self will not be realized for there are not two. There is only one Self!
  5. Surrender is not a loss, for you give up bodily limitation & sorrow
    to get the Priceless: Total freedom & Infinite Bliss!
  6. After ego is erased through inquiry or surrender, there’s no one left to claim freedom!
    Simply Abide in Self as Self.