The Endgame of All Illusion.

Key Pointers from this Satsang :

  1. Self, the infinite Space of Consciousness is only Known when you detach from mind
    & dive deep into the Source.
  2. Attend only to awareness as awareness by piercing a hole thru the veil of Maya.
    This is the end game of all illusion, there’s no returning!
  3. Mind’s projections distorts reality. When you discard all that is non-Self & empty your mind,
    you become Buddha, the Awakened one.
  4. All names/forms are only in Maya. Drop your individuality to be out of the clutches of Maya
    & Truth will be revealed as your transparent Essence.
  5. Self is closest to you & yet feels far off & unknown when seen from illusion,
    when you look out instead of inwards at the substratum prior to it all.
  6. Let ego evaporate & totally vanish within, then your Self reveals Itself in full glory.
    Go from body to bodiless, from mortal to immortal, from turmoil to Bliss & Peace!